Building a strong foundation in literacy, learning, and life.



Literacy: As a Primary Center, building a strong foundation in literacy, is at the heart of all we do. Teachers begin working with our youngest students to instill a love of reading that will enable them to be successful readers and writers throughout their entire school career and beyond. Our intimate size and focus on the primary grades allows teachers and staff to understand and meet the individual needs of each student. Teachers work together to provide whole group instruction in the classroom, and small group instruction during Literacy Academies so that all of our students achieve at the highest level in foundational literacy skills.


Learning:  Students at Hollywood Primary Center are engaged in challenging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) learning experiences that allow them to construct their own learning, think critically, and develop higher-level reasoning skills. Teachers facilitate project-based learning, hands-on activities, and classroom discussions throughout all content areas in order to provide a balanced curriculum.  Additionally, at Hollywood Primary Center, students have access to technology throughout the day as they learn essential 21st Century Skills.



Life:  At Hollywood Primary Center, we strongly believe in educating the whole child and promoting a growth mindset in our students. In addition to academics, social-emotional development is woven into instruction throughout the day. In order for students to become successful citizens, they must learn to build relationship and problem solving skills, become self-aware, as well as socially aware and learn responsible decision making. Our staff members know each and every student and support students in becoming confident and productive citizens. Students at Hollywood Primary Center are responsible, kind, and hard-working members of our school community.